How to Land A High Paying Magazine Writer Job in 2021


Magazines are gradually transiting from finely printed digital papers to well-designed digital prints hosted on different web platforms. There’s a lot of argument regarding the number of people who read magazines every day.

In 2016/17 Magazine Media Factbook revealed that 91% of American adults read magazine media, and that number increases to 94% for adults under 35 and 96% for adults under 25. So, there’s still an enormous market for magazine industries. And if you’re thinking of getting into a high-paying magazine writer job position, then you probably stepped on the right pedal.

In this article, you will learn the tricks you need to land that amazing magazine writer’s job. Furthermore, you will also learn about the skills you need and the renumeration you can access in this position.

Who is a Magazine Writer?

Magazine writers act in the same capacity as journalists. It vests a large part of their responsibility in identifying, researching, and writing stories that interest a set of readers. However, magazines don’t cover as much as blogs and newspapers because of their focus.

With minor exceptions, magazine writers seldomly create feature-oriented pieces. Many magazine writers pay higher attention to smaller stories, while a few produce long-form or narrative pieces. Some of these long-form contents could be exclusive interviews with celebrities or political office holders.

All magazines need enough information to enable them to complete any of their publications. And that is why they ensure they take the pain of hiring some of the best magazine writers available. Although a magazine can get a thousand stories, they can choose to print the ones that can draw greater traction.

What Skills Do I Need To Become a Magazine Writer?

The role of a magazine writer requires a level of expertise, experience, and attention to detail. For this reason, everyone cannot fit into such a role easily except they attain these qualities. However, if you have certain skills, you can get into the position of a magazine writer without a lot of fuss. These skills include:

  • Writing, Proofreading, and Editing Skills
  • Ability to Create Stories From Events
  • Commendable knowledge of Current Affairs and General Knowledge
  • Excellent Communication Skills
  • Interpersonal skills
  • IT skills

What is the Salary of a Magazine Writer?

When you consider the level of work involved in researching, organizing, and writing an interesting story, you would commend these writers. Researching a single story can span many weeks, as it will also command a constant routine for the writer.

Magazine writers earn a little higher than journalists. According to ZipRecruiter, these writers bag about $54,062 /year while journalists bag about $42,390 /year. Of course, you might say there’s a higher demand for writers, but how true would that be?

How to Land A High Paying Magazine Writer Job in 2021

Magazine writing jobs are plenteous. However, the screening process is tedious, as all interested candidates must complete the processes to get into the interview room. If you’re looking to fill a magazine writer position, you need to prepare yourself to take on the requirements and fill the role well too.

There are many activities you can practice, however, the following practices listed here will make your journey easy for you. They include:

Craft a Compelling Resume

A resume is the first representation of yourself that interacts with any hiring manager. So, you must ensure your first representation is stellar. Of course, with a few tricks, you can create a resume, but the best advice you can get is to hand over this core aspect to professionals.

Your resume has to express your key results in any role of magazine writing or journalism you have ever held. A good section to portray this expertise would be the section where you discuss your job responsibilities with emphasis on the key results you attained.

With a standard resume, you can increase your chances of getting into a good magazine writing position.

Research and Discover Company Weaknesses

Every open position can be perceived as a weak link in a company. However, this perception must be backed by strong data from your research of the institution. With accurately researched data, you can get any hiring manager to listen to you.

In executing your research, a good place to start would check the company’s quarterly performance (for a publicly traded company), and if it’s just a startup, you will need to check the current markets they’re exploring and where they seem redundant.

Drawing it down to the context of a magazine firm, you will need to discover their readership numbers and seek to introduce strategies that will improve performance.

Possess Experience

Whatever career part you choose, the experience will set you apart largely. When you have experience, you get every hiring manager peeking your resume more closely as they can pick out an individual that understands the system.

However, when you’re a fresh graduate of college with a degree in journalism, business communication or even writing, it can be difficult getting into this position – you might not just make the needed cut.

But you can make up for your inexperience by taking an internship program as a magazine writer in a firm. In there, you will work alongside certain professional magazine writers which will give you the experience you need.

Be an Avid Magazine Reader

A talented writer is definitely an excellent reader. In creating a masterpiece, you must hold knowledge of the creation process of many other masterpieces. This way, you only need to follow a structure.

A good habit you would form would be to read outstanding magazine writeups from some of the finest magazine writers in the world. As you read more of these materials, you build greater perspective.

Have A Unique Writing Style

There are different styles of writing, and they all follow their own procedure. Although magazine writing follows a set-out guideline, you can still create your own unique writing style that will set you out of the pack.

In adopting a unique writing style, you must carefully choose your phrases, tone, grammar, and flex. This way, every reader can track your nuance when they encounter any piece of material you create.

Be Consistent

With consistency, you can go from becoming an average writer to a professional one. And this has to be because of constant practice, as some of your writeups might never even make the magazine just like a story.

By consistently writing and figuring different ways to twerk your story, you strengthen your ability and increase the popularity of your name.


Writing is fun. With writing, you explore different creative energies you have as you can craft and tell different stories from unique perspectives. And this is always an advantage owing to the different views people hold over matters.

As a magazine writer, you would find this skill very helpful, as you have a responsibility of taking people through the journey of a story while embedding the lessons they must understand from the story as well.

By simply following these steps, you can strongly increase your chances of getting into any magazine writer’s job position you can find.

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