How To Become A Health And Wellness Writer In Less Time

Health And Wellness Writer
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A health and wellness writer is an expert writer that combines creativity and knowledge in both science and writing to produce a print or digital document that answers questions around health and fitness.

As a specialized type of writing, there are certain qualifications that deem you worthy of health and wellness writing. To that end, this article will walk you through the nicest pathway to become a health and wellness writer in less time.

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What is Health and Wellness Writing?

Health and wellness writing is a specific form of writing that involves researching and writing for the medical community. This involves the development and production of informational materials that explain health and wellness living.

According to, a health and fitness writer is someone that generates content for both medical publications and the general public. They have a specific area of expertise or a vivid knowledge of the different facets of health.

Depending on the position and scope of their duties, health writers are involved in communicating scientific and clinical data to many audiences, from doctors and nurses to insurance adjusters and patients. They work in a variety of formats, including traditional print publications to electronic publications, multimedia presentations, videos, podcasts, website content, and social media sites.

What Does A Health and Fitness Writer Do?

A health and wellness writer writes two types of content: professional-facing content and public-facing content.

The professional-facing content is written for an audience of health care professionals, including doctors, researchers, nurses, physical therapists, lab technicians, etc. This may include manuscripts and articles intended for publication in a medical journal, textbook, study reports, research proposals, or any other educational content for science-related events.

The public-facing content is intended to be read by the general public. This normally contains all relevant and applicable health and wellness information. It is mostly written in an easy-to-understand language devoid of extraneous medical jargon. If you end up using any medical terminology, there should always be a follow-up explanation to guide the writer. A public-facing content is a patient education platform where they go in search of answers to any issue or disease.

How Much Does A Health Writer Earn?

According to a survey and in-depth analysis from American Medical Writers Association, the salary range for a junior level or beginning medical and fitness writer is $52,000 to $80,000 per annum.

Nevertheless, health writing can turn into a lucrative career over time if certain factors like; employee, your experience level, the type of work you do and other related factors are all in your favor.

How To Become A Health and Fitness Writer

The path to becoming a health and fitness writer is slightly different from the other forms of writing. Your success in health and fitness writing is solely dependent on your ability to show competency in the field through rendering quality medical and wellness information that aligns with the writing and medical ethos.

Before we get on to the step-by-step process to become a health and fitness writer, I need to reiterate the fact that you must not have an advanced degree in medicine to be a medical writer.  

Health and fitness writing can be a flexible, rewarding, and well‑paying career in a growing field of writing. To get started, follow these steps. 

#1 Get the necessary education

To be considered for a health writing opportunity, you need to have at least a four-year bachelor’s degree in any area of study.

To improve their writing and communications skills, students may supplement their education with electives in editing, non-fiction writing, and reporting. Some courses require written assignments in which students explore writing style, tone, and objectives.

Some universities have specific degrees in science journalism that offer courses in writing, journalism, medical reporting, and science writing. This degree program exposes students to current health concerns and how to communicate health-related information to a wide variety of audiences. Alternatively, health writers who want to communicate information to the general public may want to take courses in writing style to help find employment with newspapers, magazines, or health websites.

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#2 Gain experience

You can take away the experience equation from the pathway of becoming a health and fitness writer.

There are also positions available for interns or freelance writers to report on health-related topics for newspapers or magazines. This provides health writers with the opportunity to further develop their research, writing, and interviewing skills.

#3 Join a professional organization

Becoming a member of a professional organization, such as the American Medical Writers Association, is ideal. Professional organizations offer you the opportunity to receive a certification or other credentials. This gives you a boost when you are competing against non-credentialed writers for positions and jobs. It shows that you have met or exceeded a baseline set of standards for qualification in your chosen area. Membership in a professional organization may also give you access to exclusive job search resources.

#4 Build an online portfolio

Before you build an online portfolio, you have to have an online presence. You can start by optimizing your social media handles to suit your portfolio.

Additionally, you can establish an online footprint by starting up a blog related to health, wellness, or fitness. Once you have a blog, it puts you in a better position to start writing guest posts, which is another way to both demonstrate your writing skills and establish your online presence.

#5 Model other health and wellness writers

Starting out a new venture presents every reason to model high-performing professionals in the industry. As the health and fitness industries get more competitive, high-caliber writing is becoming more important because it communicates your professional image to your clients and your industry peers. To meet up with industry-standard, there’s every need to keep an eye on competitors to know what they are doing, how they are doing it, and how best to do it.

#6 Network

Health writing is a niche with many opportunities. However, to foray in with the lights on, you need to have a strong network base.

Networking is an excellent way of connecting with other health and fitness writers. It provides an opportunity to share from their knowledge wealth and also gain relevant insights.

Health and fitness writers can make valuable connections with prospective clients or employers through national writers’ associations. Some of these associations also offer members access to job listings.

How To Find A Health and Wellness Writing Job

Finding health and wellness writing opportunities is one that always comes after a dutiful search across job websites. Where you go to find work as a health writer may depend on the kind of work you want to do. For example, if you want to write professional-facing content, you should query peer-reviewed medical journals, health care organizations, government agencies, or medical schools. On the other hand, if you want to write public-facing content, consider contacting newspapers, magazines, online websites, trade journals, or health care societies and associations.

A freelance writing marketplace like writersGig also offers opportunities in health writing as well as a wide range of other fields. Companies and organizations seeking the services of freelance health and fitness writers are on the platform with their offers all set.


Exposure to the right information is one that always amounts to great fortune. Therefore, this article enjoins you to leverage the information made available. Happy writing!


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