Best Differences Between UX And UI | When And How To Use Them

difference between UX and UI

For as long as I can remember, there has been an ongoing argument on what makes the UX and UI designs. Here, you will see the best differences and how best to use them.

These terms are often used interchangeably. Lately, a lot of persons find inclinations in designs and to become a perfect designer in contemporary times, a basic understanding of these designs is a way to go!

See the table of contents below for an overview of this article.

What is User Experience (UX) Design?

The process of carrying out researches, developing, and enhancing all aspects of user interaction with an organization’s product to satisfy its user is what we refer to as user experience design.

The UX design ensures that a user of the product has an experience that is worthwhile by contributing distinct structures in several visual designs, layouts, and navigation.

What is the User Interface (UI) Design?

We refer to the visual appearance of a particular product that helps endear users to a specific product as the user interface design.

The UI design comprises contents like documents, text, images, text fields, check boxes, drop-down lists, graphic designs; and things that may likely affect the user’s navigation through the digital product.

Basically, the UI design evokes an emotional feeling from the user.

How do UI and UX Designs Work?

As much as these two are very distinct from each other, they are both important and can hardly do without the other although not in all cases.

The UI design is most likely a finishing on the user experience design. Also, a good user interface rarely complements a bad user experience.

Differences Between UI and UX Designs

Since we often use these two terms in place of another, we’ll set out the obvious distinctions between them.

Here we go!

#1 Both Have Different Focus

Both designs have different uses when it comes to modelling purposes. While the UI designer believes in using a Hi-Fi model, the UX designer thinks about fidelity.

So, the UI design pays attention to a digital product’s front-end while the UX focuses on the back-end.

#2 Colours

The UI design concentrates more on the visual aspect of a user’s journey around a product while the UX design adversely focuses on the micro elements that bring this to fruition.

This can be commonly seen in the design of buttons and the use of icons. When creating a navigation bar in UI design, it exerts a good amount of energy into making it realistic while the UX design just fixes the bar in the rightful position and probably leave a note to tell what function it has to play.

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#3 Tools

UI design gives priority to image design and so, tools like the Flinto, Principle, and Mockplus iDoc adds an advantage to making exceptional sketches.

The UX design specialises on wireframe especially because it saves time and makes design more efficient.

Tools like the Mockplus, Balsamiq, and Axure all have their specific parts to play to give a more defined sketch style.

Generally, the UX design precedes the UI design and helps users achieve some set goals while the UI makes emotional connections.

How to Use the UX/UI Designs

Before you can practise design, you must acquaint yourself with the principles and from there, bingo!

Let’s see the basic principles you should know about.

Be Familiar With UI Principles

Basically, if you do not know what it is about design principles, you can easily flop at the many designs you try your hands on.

Therefore, know how these work and emerge a creative designer:

  • Balance
  • Colour
  • Contrast
  • Typography
  • Consistency

Learn the Creative UX Process

There are lots of stages that you have to go through here to prove your creativity. These processes are:

  • Discover: This right here is the start point where you have to set out by making researches and gathering ideas.
  • Define: Here, you define clearly the ideas gotten from the discovery phase and set out a clear path.
  • Develop: The ideas are further tested here. This is just so you can work on the errors.
  • Delivery: Here is the last phase where you can launch the design.

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Develop Your Eye for Design

It is not enough to know a brilliant design. You have to be able to spot a good one from afar and also be able to differentiate between a good one and a poor design.

So, an excellent way to go about this is train your mind’s eye through inspiration. This you can do by skimming through other designs before making your own designs.

Learn The Most Current Web Design Tools

There are a thousand and one design tools at your disposal but it’s not important to know all of them. Just get to know which ones are usually the best and stick to their recent features.

Some design tools include Sketch, Figma, Balsamiq, Adobe XD, Marvel App, Invision App, etc.


Actually, there is a lot to the UX and UI designs than we can see. However, this article stands to set a clear path between the disparities. I hope you find it worth reading and get a better understanding of their differences.



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